Tick Paralysis In Dogs - Note the Warning Signs

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Published: 13th January 2011
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It is caused by ticks which excrete a toxin that affects the nervous system of mammals, more specifically caused from female tick bites, and it can turn deadly if not treated. Tick bites often produce a flaccid paralysis, when they bite, which causes your dog to suddenly feel weak and have no muscular tone. Not all breeds of dogs will be affected by tick bites, wherein many many only experience some loss of movement in their hind limbs.

However, while some animals are not quite as affected by tick bites as others, some pets may fall into an extremely critical condition which can ascend up the entire body and affect their respiratory system and front limbs. Therefore, you should always know how to distinguish the signs of paralysis caused by ticks, so that you can get the symptoms under control and remove the ticks before things turn worse.

Read on to find out more about tick paralysis.

Symptoms and Signs

The normal time for symptoms to being showing is anywhere from five to seven days, but keep in mind that one tick bite can take a lot longer to show, as multiple tick bites will show paralysis sooner. Another issue with ticks, is that they can easily hide underneath your dogs fur, and are not easily detected, which is why you should always look for the symptoms, such as weakness and poor coordination in their hind legs. Your dog may also exhibit difficulty in chewing, breathing, and swallowing, and there will also not be any signs of a fever.

Whenever you notice your dog struggle with mobility, you should always take note if any of his/her symptoms relate to the above, so that way you can get your dog treatment immediately if they are in fact infected.


Most often, paralysis is diagnosed based on the symptoms, and also if your dog has a rapidly worsening condition.

Your dog will have a rapid recovery once you are able to locate the tick(s) and remove them. Of course, easy diagnosis also comes from the signs of paralysis, but you should regularly check your dog for ticks, if his/her behavior becomes strange, especially if you are often in regions which have ticks.

Cures for Tick Paralysis

The cure for the problem is simple, as all you have to do is remove and and all ticks on your dog. You may have a hard time finding all of the ticks, or the tick, if your dog has a lot of fur, because ticks normally burrow into the skin, which means you may have to shave your dog for the time being, before they cause serious harm to your pooch.

Your dog may require more supportive care, such as artificial respiration, once the ticks are out, depending on how much damage was done.

You may also want to consider an antitoxin to be administered to your dog, so that your dog can cure faster.

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